Fastener Manufacturing Experts

Kuolien Screw is a professional fastener manufacturer in Taiwan serving several key industrial sectors including Automotive Fasteners, Construction fasteners, and Fasteners for the 3C industry.


We have been exporting customized fastener solutions to our global customer for more than three decades and we are a recognized expert in several specialized fastener sectors. Kuolien Screw Fasteners achieves ISO9001:2015 and we are rigorous about the quality of the products we produce for our customers.

Fastener Production Facilities

At Kuolien Fasteners, we provide a fully customized fastener manufacturing service for our customers and our facilities consist of 5 major areas :

20 Fastener Cold Forming
Fastener Machining
Fastener Packaging

Fastener Product Ranges

Over the years, we have built up a reputation for customized fastener requirements, and this part of the market accounts for around 80% of our business. Our Fastener solutions are widely used in the Automotive Fastener, Furniture, 3C and construction sectors.

We take the quality of all the fasteners we manufacture very seriously and complete thorough checking of our fasteners at every stage of the production process.


Fastener Materials Inspection

Right from the beginning from the raw materials
entering the factory we use spectrographic analysis to verify the composition of the raw materials against the stated customer requirements.

We advise customers in many fields on the exact raw material specifications that are suitable to meet and exceed their fastener performance requirements.
We have three decades of details fastener materials experience which helps us to select the best possible solutions for your varied applications.

Fastener Production Inspection

Both during and after the production process we carryout batch inspections and complete inspections to ensure the accuracy and quality of every fastener that we produce.
We use a variety of automatic and manual equipment to test the fasteners in our laboratory.